Safety Courses

Education and Safety

The Vermont Snowmobile Safety Course is provided by the Vermont Department of Public Safety in cooperation with the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers. This course will help you learn safe operating practices if you are new to snowmobiling and will increase your skills and knowledge if you are a seasoned snowmobiler.

Anyone born after July, 1983, and who is 12 years of age and older, must complete and pass a six-hour safety course.

Persons wishing to attend a course must register as early as possible as class size is limited.

Children who are 8, 9, 10 or 11 years of age are not required to take the snowmobile safety education course. They may attend the course, but they will not be certified.

Below is a link to the on-line study guide for the Safety Course.

For course offerings in your area , check the VAST Website by following the link below: